Providing outstanding preparatory education

Sharpest Minds Virtual Preschool is online preschool dedicated to providing the children in our community a nurturing, loving, and positive place to learn and grow.

SMVP Mission

Sharpest Minds Virtual Preschool strives to provide lifelong learning experiences through relatable discussions, fun activities, and creative programs that will prepare our young learners for their Kindergarten year. We encourage children and families to use the resources available at home to experience and join our play-based educational program.


Numbers and Counting

Building mathematical concepts through learning experiences with number recognition, counting, addition, subtraction, shapes, and more.

Music and Movement

Exploring creative movement and music through dance, song, tumbling, puppetry, rhythm and exercise.

‘Super Improvers’ Program

Boosting confidence using our Super Improver program, tailored for each individual child’s goals and strengths.

Creative Development

Creative development through arts and crafts, building fine motor skills, a sense of line, space and design as well as decision making skills.

Language and Literacy

Building language and literacy through alphabet, phonics concepts, stories, vocabulary, letter recognition and writing skills.


SMVP is an exclusively online, teacher-led Preschool program, guaranteed to help your child grow in reading, math, fun activities and more!

SMVP is a 50 minute online gathering with Ms. Trina and other preschool aged friends. We will participate in a few activities such as, singing songs, reading stories together, environment exploring and develop friendships.