No. You do, however, need to log your child into the online classroom at the start of each class, but then you can either stay, but not visibly on camera or you can do other things you need to do.

No. Our curriculum is designed to be hands-on (no worksheets) and self-regulated within our 50 mins preschool class each day so you don’t have to supplement additional curriculum during the day.

No. There are no supplies required.

Occassionally, we may have a special project but usually materials are minimal and may be things you have at home.

No. There are no supplies required.

Occassionally, we may have a special project but usually materials are minimal and may be things you have at home.

No. There is no video game or worksheet component to our online preschool program… just real, social interaction between an amazing preschool teacher and a small class of amazing preschool friends.

The American academy of pediatrics suggests that preschoolers have no more than 1 hour of screen time. Would you prefer your child used that hour on high-intensity video games or on face-to-face social interactions to prepare your child in every way to develop socially, emotionally, physically, cognitively, and linguistically? I believe preschool is a hands-on experience, and playing video games to “learn” isn’t how we do things at online preschool.

Yes, absolutely! We teach and we have fun doing it.

We use early learning standards for planning curriculum, and learning activities. We use a thematic approach to learning. Each month is a different theme and we plan our learning experiences, skills and concepts around that theme. We also listen to the interest of the children and do allow ourselves to be flexible so to include those interest into our learning.

Families have different needs and for some sharpest minds virtual preschool is the sole preschool for their child, and for others we are a support to their child’s traditional preschool learning or homeschooling.

With my background, I think I’ve worked with many children with different personalities and learning styles. I’m excited to teach your child and help him or her have a wonderful experience!

Yes. We’ve put together amazing video training that will walk you through how to login. It’s easy!

You’ll need internet and a laptop or desktop computer. You can use an iPad or a phone but we don’t recommend it because it’s too hard to see everyone’s faces and actually socialize with them.

We use zoom, a free platform. Our classroom space on zoom is password protected with all of their security features. The links we use to join our online classroom are exclusive to our preschool families so no one else can access the online classroom. Plus, our online classroom is monitored by a teacher at all times when in use. I ask that you never share your classroom link with others not enrolled in our program.

Absolutely! After signing up, you’ll join our private Facebook group of amazing preschool families. We’re super supportive and excited to have you join us!

Great question! We are a year round program. So, we are open during the summer. However, we do reserve some holidays and vacation time each year.
We are closed on:

  • Thanksgiving Week
  • Christmas Week
  • New Years Eve & New Years Day
  • Vacation Week is announced

We will send a notice of all dates of closure in advance.